How to reach Havelock Island

Reach Havelock Island from Port Blair

Havelock can be reached in 3 Ways.

1. By Availing Sea Plane from Port Blair to Havelock. Sea Plane Operates every day except Sundays.

2. By Availing Government Ferry or Cruise to Havelock Island. Government Ferry operates daily even during OFF Season. Private cruise such as Makruzz and Coastal Cruise does not operate during OFF Season specifically in the month of June and July. All Ferry schedules within Andaman Islands can be found here FERRY SCHEDULE IN ANDAMAN

3. By Availing Chartered boat services. These are expensive, but luxurious and can take you to Havelock Island within an hours time.

    how to reach havelcok

Things to Know when travelling to Havelock Island

  • PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL TO HAVELOCK IN BAD WEATHER - The chances are that the ferry will get cancelled by authorities.
  • CARRY VALID ID CARD - Id card is required during checking into the ferry.
  • CAN TRAVEL IN AFTERNOON - There is a 2:00 PM Government Ferry that can take you directly to Havelock Island. This is for people who are arriving in the afternoon flight and wish to go to Havelock on the same day.
  • TIMINGS - Ferry timing specifically those operated by Private companies changes quite a lot. Government Ferry is always on time. We suggest you to book ticket in Advance with Experience Andamans who regularly send automated updates about Andaman Islands.
  • RETURN FROM HAVELOCK Avoid travelling from Havelock the same day when your departure is from Port Blair.

Travelling from Neil Island to Havelock Islands

Government Ferry or Private Cruise is the only option to reach Havelock Island from Neil Island. Here you can filter to see what time best suits you - FERRY SCHEDULE IN ANDAMAN

Travelling to Havelock From Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi or any other Indian City

You first need to arrive in Port Blair airport and then follow the procedures mentioned for reaching havelock island from Port Blair. Some flights come early and some in the afternoon. If you wish to go to Havelock on the same day of arrival then you need to arrive before 12:30 PM just so that you can board the last ferry to Havelock Island at 2:00 PM.

Travelling to Havelock Island from Foreign Countries

Foreign travellers visiting Havelock should get their restricted areas permits. This is given right upon arrival in Port Blair airport. Counters for foreign travellers are present where you can check, if there is anything else required. Valid Passport and visa is required to enter Andaman Islands.

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Entry and Permit

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