Things to do in Havelock Island, Andaman

This destination is the heart of Andaman Island. Missing this island is not something you wish to do during your Andaman Trip. Here are the list of the most exciting things you can do during your Havelock Island Trip. Our order of preference to the activities that can be done in this island is:

Order of Preference for the activities in Havelock Island

  • 2 - SEA WALK
  • 4 - TREKKING
  • 5 - FISHING - Should take 2nd Position if you are traveling in group of 5

Scuba Diving : Know More

Scuba Diving is one of the most sorted out activity in Havelock. Amazing Coral reefs here gives travellers an all new perspective of what the underwater has to offer. Experiences for people who do not know swimming and for people who require advanced courses are available.

Sea Walk : Know More

This one is in the top of the charts for those who fancy moon walking. Sea Walk gives quite a similar experience. The good this is its easy and can be done by people from age 7 to 70 years.

Snorkelling : Know More

Overview of the rich coral life Havelock island is flooded with can be experienced during such trips. Well, its the cheapest among all the activities present in Andaman.

Fishing : Know More

Fishing in the island is amazing. If you are coming in a group then this one most loved activity in Havelock.

Trekking : Know More

One trail that you should take. The trail to Elephant Beach